The magician shows off 7 magic tricks you can do with the mask

2021-11-26 09:05:02 By : Mr. Andy Leon

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Oscar Owen performed and explained a series of hallucinations using ordinary masks.

In the past 18 months, masks have gone from a weird new item to a staple food we didn't even think of. They must be nothing special, right? YouTuber and magician Oscar Owen don't think so.

In a new video, Owen shows a series of magic tricks that can be performed with daily disposable masks, and then accurately breaks down the working principle of each illusion. Warning: If you believe in the magician's code, or you just want to maintain a semi-complete feeling of miracles in the later stages of the pandemic, please do not read further.

In the first technique, Owen cut off the earrings on the mask, and then seemed to put them back together inexplicably. "This is super vision, everything can be checked," he said. However, the rope was never actually cut: it just looked like that, because Owen carefully wrapped it behind his fingers to make it appear to be divided into two parts. (Another trick explained later in the video is a more refined version of the same overall illusion, with more props.)

The second technique is for Owen to let the mask float independently between his hands, without being touched. "You can also use other objects (such as banknotes) to achieve this effect," he said. Is he telepathic? No, the key here is the magician's tool, called the invisible wire.

In another scene, Owen turns a playing card into a mask in the blink of an eye. Ingeniously, the mask is glued to the back of the card and then folded so that the observer cannot see it. Then, with the wave of the hand, Own released the rest of the mask and turned it over so that the card is now covered by the material.

Watch the video above to learn more about the magic associated with masks and an explanation of how Irving achieves each illusion.