Denmark seeks support for reintroducing mask use | Seattle Times

2021-11-26 09:04:28 By : Mr. Damien Yu

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (Associated Press)-Officials said on Wednesday that the Danish government said on Wednesday that it will seek the support of parliament in the face of an increase in coronavirus cases to reintroduce regulations on wearing masks in public places.

The new regulations will cover public transportation, hospitals, medical facilities and shops. It will also expand the use of COVID-19 digital passes in the country.

As in many other countries, the infection rate in Denmark has increased, and health authorities have stated that the number of cases and hospitalizations has increased faster than expected.

Health Minister Magnus Heunicke said: "The delta variant is much more infectious, which poses a challenge for us." "So we need to use these tools."

"Although masks are annoying, we can tolerate them," said Soeren Brostroem, head of the National Health Commission. "It's a pity that they must come back, but they are necessary."

Earlier this month, Denmark reintroduced the digital COVID-19 pass after months of ending and phasing out restrictions. The pass is now valid for nightclubs, cafes, party buses and indoor restaurants, as well as for outdoor events with more than 2,000 people. The government also hopes to use it in public workplaces, higher education, hair salons and tattoo parlors, but this requires the approval of legislators.

If passed by the Parliament, the re-introduction of masks and the expansion of the use of digital passes will begin on November 29. Most people seem to support the proposal of the minority Social Democratic government.

Henrik Ullum, head of Statens Serum Institut, calls these vaccines "our super weapon." We are facing the challenge of declining immunity, so we have to make a third jab. "

Denmark has stated that it will provide boosters and has started with the elderly and disadvantaged groups.

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