Some airlines, most of which are international airlines, ban the use of fabric masks | Seattle Times

2021-11-26 10:02:58 By : Ms. Joy XU

Now that the federal government has extended the use period of masks to January 2022, this is another new problem.

On some airlines, this is no longer a problem of wearing masks, but a problem of wearing right masks.

Facts have proved that some airlines are banning the use of fabric masks.

Finnair became the latest company to do so and issued its new policy earlier this week:

"From August 16th, our flights will no longer accept fabric masks. We accept surgical masks, FFP2 or FFP3 respirator masks, without valves or other valveless masks with the same standard (N95). Remember, You need to wear a mask all the time."

When the COVID-19 pandemic last spring, cloth masks became popular. Many masks were made individually with color designs, and more were made by companies hoping to profit from information.

However, from a medical point of view, they may not be as protective as other masks.

According to the aviation blog The Points Guy, so far, mainly international airlines have banned the use of fabric masks.

Since February 1, the German national airline Lufthansa requires passengers and crew to wear medical masks-surgical masks or FFP2 masks or masks that meet the KN95/N95 standard on all flights to and from Germany.

Swissair also needs a non-woven mask.

"The obligation to wear an oronasal mask applies to all passengers (also vaccinated and rehabilitated) and staff on board," Switzerland currently points out on its website. "On all flights, masks that meet FFP2, KN95 or N95 standards and surgical masks are required when boarding, boarding and leaving the aircraft."

Air France and Croatia Airlines also mandate the wearing of surgical masks.